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I completed a Fine arts Degree at Manchester College of Art and Design in the sixties and was subsequently awarded a British Council scholarship to study art in Vienna at the Akademie der Bildenen kunst. It was a wonderful experience. Reality beckoned with a teaching diploma back in Manchester and so began a teaching career that was totally enjoyable and fulfilling. Teaching at Secondary level left little time for personal expression or the development of a personal style.
My teaching career ended with a wonderful 25 years at Pangbourne College. I originally went there to teach 2 days per week to a handful of boys and ended up being Head of the Arts Faculty with a staff of 5 that included an Art History department.
The path to find my own voice in Art has been more complicated by knowing so much about so many different approaches. When people ask what media do you work in I reply all media, a life in Art teaching gives you a very broad range of skills. I am still torn between the Abstract and figurative image and find much that inspires me in landscape. I am still on a journey of self expression and still struggle with my work to find exactly the right way to express my ideas; however this is all so satisfying for the majority of the time that I am truly happy on my creative journey. 

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