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Art Course for Improvers October 2019

This course is about finding the balance between your technical skills and your verve and passion for art. We will study observed drawing to encourage your visual awareness and also exercises to encourage your own personal style of working. There is no one way of working….. only your way. I do hope this series of lessons will make you feel more confident with your art and that you feel you have made progress. Last term we did a lot of exercises to make you better artists, this term I am concentrating more on finished pieces. Please note the 5th and 19th Nov. are not in the Church Hall.


Subject Matter

Materials to Bring

Aim of Lesson

Oct 8th


Mono Printing from a still life set up.

I will bring rollers, inks etc. and some white A 4 paper for printing on.

Please can you bring an apron, kitchen roll, oil crayons, pastels and any coloured paper you think would be interesting to print on.

To free you up after the holidays.

To make one really good finished print…..I will bring some A4 mounts.

Oct 15th


Portrait Head.

Some preparatory work before you paint.




First bit of this exercise is to copy a black and white picture from the newspaper. Bring a large photo of a head. White paper and pencil for copying. After doing this we will start on an observed drawing of your head. You will need a mirror, tape to stick it to a surface and paper and something to draw with, Also bring cameras, mobile phones iPads etc.

The idea of copying from a photo first is to see the intensity of shading necessary to make form. This should tee you up well for your drawing in preparation for your painting. I am thinking you might paint from your drawing. Your interpretation of yourself could be quite colourful and abstract.

Oct 22nd

Portrait Head Continued.

As before

Assessment at 12.00 of all the portraits.

Oct 29th


Using perspective in your pictures.

Simple one point perspective and then progress to something more difficult.

Good A4 white paper. Ruler 2B pencil Rubber.

To learn about perspective and how to use it in your pictures. Look at the work of established artists and see how they used perspective. Do a small pencil drawing of your own, using perspective.

Nov 5th

Drawing in Shiplake church.

We cannot use the hall on this Tuesday so the class will be transferred to the church.

You can park down the lane nearer to the church entrance

Sketch books and any dry materials. The idea is to use these drawings in a composition next week.

To do many small sketches in preparation for a decorative picture next week.

Nov 12th

A decorative picture.

Using your sketches from last week compose a picture using lots of different elements, can be parts of elements. The whole picture should be drawn. using coloured pencils, pastels or any other drawing medium, you will need to think carefully about colour and composition before you start.

To unite many different elements into a whole picture and think of a slightly different use of materials.

Nov 19th

Gallery Visit

This is another morning when we cannot have the hall so I am thinking where to take you all. At the moment there is a possibility of going to the  cast gallery in Oxford to do some drawing and then visiting the museum. I have heard very mixed reviews about their current special exhibition.


Details to follow.


Nov 26th


Longer Painting.

The Blue Still Life.

This subject matter will stretch over two sessions so possibly you could challenge yourself by using a large canvas or large piece of paper. The still life will be set on the floor so it will be easier for everyone to get around it. Choose the materials you enjoy using. We will start with some compositional sketches so bring sketch books and pencils as well as the media in with which you choose to make the picture.

To bring together all you know into a finished picture. With longer time you should be able to have a more studied approach.

Dec 3rd

Continuation of last week


Assessment at 12.00

Dec 10th

Printing some Christmas cards for special people.

Communal Christmas lunch after the class?

I will bring some card blanks from Hobby craft for you to print on. We can cut templates from the polystyrene blocks. I will bring all the printing materials.

Have some printing fun…… and feel Christmassy


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