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Art Course for Improvers January 2020

This course is about finding the balance between your technical skills and your verve and passion for art. We will study observed drawing to encourage your visual awareness and also exercises to encourage your own personal style of working. There is no one way of working….. only your way. I do hope this series of lessons will make you feel more confident with your art and that you feel you have

made progress.  


Subject Matter

Materials to Bring

Aim of Lesson

Jan 14th.

Variety of individual objects to draw in varied media.

Lots of different things to draw with.

Observation and drawing.

To blow the cobwebs off after the holidays.

Jan 21st.



Studies from real flowers then going on to think about a flower picture with special regard to composition.

First bit of this exercise is to be fairly free using a range of media to draw and paint flowers. Please bring watercolours, acrylics coloured pencils etc. and I will bring a variety of card mounts for the end of the lesson when we seek to make a composition.

Composition and freedom with materials.


Thinking about negatives spaces.


Reference Chinese Brush painting

Jan 28th.

Drawing from the clothed model with the intention of a longer piece of work to follow.

Model present for only first session.

Cameras, iPads etc. to record what you see for the second session.

I would like you to draw initially and then go on to paint or make a coloured drawing.

White paper, Canvas? Media of choice.

Observation Composition, and Picture making.


With a longer time the possibility to do a more considered piece of work painted to a more finishes standard.

Feb 4th.

Continuation of  above.

Possibility here to further refine the image.

Crit of all work at 12.10

Feb 11th.

Drawing Folds.

To do three different drawings in this session.

I want to achieve the different drawings  by working on a variety of paper. Please bring some white cartridge paper, water colour paper and I will bring some tinted paper free of charge.

Also please bring a range of pencils 2B-8B some charcoal and chalk and an eraser.

Also some watercolour paints

I will bring in the cloth to draw.

Tone and Observation.


Folds are really only about tone.

It demands careful observation.



Feb 18th.

Half Term

Things to Bring

Aim of Lesson

Feb 25th.

Tone through Paper collage

We will be making different tonal papers through printing. I will bring printing ink. Rollers and Perspex to roll out the ink. Please will you bring White paper, photo copy paper is great .Large sheet of paper for finished picture, scissors, Pritt Stick, not PVA as it is too wet. Newspaper.


To push you into  new ways of thinking about tone.

Bring a landscape picture with distinctive tones or a Black and White portrait.

Mar 3rd.


Still life picture painting with the palette knife.

Surface to work on. Acrylic paints disposable palette, brushes .Variety of palette knives.

There will be some initial experimentation.


Using a still life as a basis for our inspiration we will attempt to discover what a versatile and exciting tool the palette knife is.

Mar 10th.

Visiting the River and Rowing Museum to see the Gertrude Hermes Exhibition. 

Art of the Wild.

Meet in the car park by main Entrance 10 .00 a.m.

Cameras. iPads etc. Sketch books and dry drawing implements. We will have a talk by the curator to start with. After the lecture we will do some sketching in the exhibition in preparation for next week’s lesson.


Composition and Negative spaces.

To visit our local Gallery and learn a little more about the Art History of that period and to look at the process of print making.

Mar 17th.

In the footsteps of Gertrude Hermes

Inspired by out visit last week we will make a scraper board design.

 It is very difficult for us to copy her designs as we have no experience of wood cutting etc. I have decided the nearest thing is to do a scraper board cut.

I will bring the scraper board but please bring any tools you might have for the cutting. White paper for the design. Tracing paper.


And to learn a new medium

Mar 24th.

Figures in the landscape.

Photo of a landscape that you have ideally taken yourself.

Surface to paint on. Media of choice. Sketch paper for some initially some quick figure sketchs. We will discuss the golden mean



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